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Piezo Deluxe


Piezo Deluxe

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Helps in reducing pain naturally and drug seconds!  Safe and effective hand-held nerve stimulator (NO needles) that never needs batteries or AC.  Relieves the pain of arthritis, muscle aches, stiff joints, sports injury, carpal tunnel, TMJ, and migraines.  Self activating crystals create a tiny, harmless electrical charge each time the button is pressed.

  • Helps to facilitate the circulation of the blood
  • Helps increase the number of blood corpuscles
  • Helps to relieve inflammation 
  • Helps to increase life power in the body while activating the adrenals
  • Helps to adjust an autonomic nerve system
  • Helps to recover spontaneously from illness  

This is a brand new model of the Piezo Deluxe.  This sturdy, well-built pen uses the energy of earth crystals to generate a galvanic signal which releases electrically charged energy into the point or area being treated. The activation button is pressed to produce a mild energy pulse.  No batteries required.  The Piezo Deluxe may be used with or without the cap.  The cap may be removed to expose a deeper stimulating head. Features a gold-plated electrode tip.  Japanese quality.

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