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Still Point Inducer

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Still Point Inducer


These are the famous still point inducers made by the people who created Cranial Sacral Therapy which is one of the most pleasant kinds of  "body treatment" a person can get.

Not only is the treatment pleasant, it is extremely therapeutic, and we recommend anyone to find a cranial sacral therapist to work on you.

Meanwhile, and in between treatments, this little device can help you find that "still point" within you, which most people describe as having an influx of deep calm and consious awareness.

By resting your head on this little device (near the occipitals), you may be able to:

  • Relieve headaches and muscle pains
  • Enhance your immune system efficiency
  • Encourage your body's natural health

The still point inducer can help relieve pain and discomfort by creating a pause called a still point to strengthen the central nervous system. You can use this effective product every day to help alleviate problems  with infection, congestion, headaches, musculoskeletal problems, or whenever you want to release stress and unwind.

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