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Amaranth Oil

Our AMARANTH OIL is 100% pure, first cold-pressed, hexane-free oil, with the highest squalene content available of any product on the planet. Now considered a "functional food" the benefits of AMARANTH OIL are surprising. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improvement of Circulatory System
  • Increase in Energy
  • Lessening of Pain
  • Improved Skin, Less Wrinkles
  • Control of Chronic Disease
  • Control of Arthritis
  • Control of Allergies
  • Control of Diabetes
  • Control of Asthma
  • Control of Candidiasis
  • Healing of Burns
  • Healing of Infections & Skin Lesions
  • Reduction of various symptoms of Cancer
  • Increase in White Blood Cells
  • Increase in the Excretion of Mercury
  • Clearing of Eczema

Published research from Russia, Japan and France include:

Lung Cancer Prevention

Squalene also prevents the development of lung cancer of individuals exposed to inhalation of smoke with the high content of tar substances.

Protects Against Environmental Stress

Squalene improves the resistance against radioactive and X-ray irradiation. Squalene also reduces adverse effects of toxic exhaust gases in heavy car traffic areas.

Healthy Cholesterol Level

The daily dose of squalene (0,25 - 0,50 g) decreases the level of cholesterol in blood and this way also the risk of arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

Brain Function

Regular use of squalene improves mental performance, memory functions and improves also the resistance against psychic stress.

Immune System

Squalene improves immunizing functions in periods with higher occurrence of infectious diseases and thus the resistance against such diseases.

Healthy Skin

By external or internal application, squalene improves the biological qualities of skin, retards the effects of skin aging and the development of wrinkles. Squalene also acts favorably in the prophylaxis of skin aging, in particular in persons who are exposed to adverse weather conditions and aggressive external environment.

Oxygenating Effect

The active ingredient (C30H50) is a high-quality, unsaturated hydrocarbon which studies seem to indicate is capable of re-supplying the cells with much needed oxygen. This increased oxygen produces a more efficient metabolic process, enhancing energy metabolism at the cellular level.


Natural, pure squalene functions in our body as part of the detoxifying system and may help to protect us against foreign substances which can weaken or cause damage to our natural defense systems.


Because Squalene is easily absorbed it penetrates the cell membranes and plays a versatile role as an antioxidant in the cells of the body's organs.

Vegetarian/Vegan Product

Until now, the richest source of Squalene has been found in the livers of Aizame (dogfish) shark, but now we know that Amaranth Oil has almost 8 times the amount of squalene as shark liver oil and is a safe, vegetarian source!

Certainly, the high amounts of squalene gives AMARANTH OIL very outstanding characteristics, but there are other equally important and essential components of Amaranth Oil which include:

Essential Fatty Acids which are necessary for virtually every bodily function including cell membrane structure, blood lipid level control, brain function, metabolic rate, various skin disorders and digestive organs.

Other major functions include:

  • a ready source of energy
  • insulation for your body against heat loss
  • prevention of your skin from drying or flaking
  • a cushion for your tissues and organs
  • production of "prostaglandin" families, hormones necessary for cell to cell biochemical functions such as energy metabolism, cardiovascular and immune system health

Some of the AMARANTH OIL's most important essential fatty acids (EFAs) are:


Oleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid, which improves metabolism of diabetic patients and patients with higher level of fats and cholesterol in blood. The oleic acid reduces the occurrence of heart and vascular troubles, in particular of diabetic patients and patients with disorders in the metabolism of fats.


Linoleic acid is a multi-unsaturated fatty acid, which cannot be formed within the human body and therefore belongs to the essential nutritional components which are virtually necessary for ALL cellular processes of the body. Amaranth Oil contains 40% linoleic acid.

Linoleic Acid can be beneficial for the following:

cardiovascular problems
dry skin
food sensitivity
immune deficiencies
liver problems
mood swings
pre-menstrual syndrome
weight management


Vitamin E tocopherol belongs to vitamins soluble in fat, which are important for sexual functions. Its outstanding features are protective anti-oxidative effects, similar to squalene. Tocopherol is recommended for some specific diseases such as neurological deficiencies connected with muscular flabbiness, deficiencies in trophic mucus membranes and skin etc.

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 Amaranth Oil - 1 oz
Amaranth Oil - 1 oz
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 Amaranth Oil - 2 oz
Amaranth Oil - 2 oz
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 Amaranth Oil - 8 oz
Amaranth Oil - 8 oz
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1 
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